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The House

Teaser for the greatest Halloween songs of all time! Watch now and download them all!

A Witch In My Town

A witch moves to town and all heck breaks loose. What do you do when you are getting turned into all sorts of animals? You sing a wonderful sing along about it! Do the animals sounds right with our heroes. 

books and music by Brad Tassell


Vampire's Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party


Halloween Spooky Poems

click here   These fun and spooky Halloween poems are written for ages 6-12. Each of the poems is color coded to guide students which part to read. This is the perfect out-loud reading activity for any classroom or parent to do with their kids this time of year. The poems will make them laugh, giggle, and get a little creepy feeling. 


Speaking of Math

click here  Speaking of math was designed out of a love for reading and watching our daughter grow up want to play with books more than any other toy. Realizing this, we readily began seeking out different formats to engage her growth in different aspects of reading skills. We wanted her to be a fluent reader and enjoy rich vocabulary.  

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Could You Be President? Presidential Poems

click here  

Your class could have a wonderful time learning everything about being president and partner poetry reading! Author/comedian, 8 time Pinnacle award-winning expert Brad Tassell brings literacy, fun, and everything you need to know about the Presidency, the Electoral College, the Executive Branch, and the presidents is a wonderful theater of partner poetry reading. It is Literacy! It is theater! It is politics! It is Fun and Engaging!


Don't Feed the Bully

The incredible story from the one man show about over coming bullying and learning how to care.

I'll Be in the Locker, Zen and the Art of Empathy

click here The incredible story from the one man show about over coming bullying and learning how to care.

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Vampire's Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party, plus

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