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Vampire's Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party, (more)
Vampire's Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party, (more)

Could You Be President? Presidential Poems in Two Voices


Could You Be President?

What are the qualifications to be president of the United States? What is the Electoral College and how does it work? What are the duties of the president? These questions and many more are answered when you and a partner read these fun poems for two (or more) voices. In this first book in the series we also get a chance to learn all the presidents, plus three bonus Presidential poems: George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.  PURCHASE BOOK HERE



This informational and fun collection of presidential poems is perfect for partner reading for any class, school, or family wanting to practice out-loud reciting, and learn about the highest office in the United States. One partner reads the blue lines, the other partner reads the red, and then both partners combine their voices to read the purple sections. Have fun and read them again and again! (Remember, you can read these poems in larger groups and choose any configuration of reading or number of readers.)

Teacher testimonial

 "You have one of the best programs that I have ever seen!"Ann Radefeld, Valley Vista elementary 

Teacher testimonial

 "The class and I had a GREAT time and learned a ton!!!  It was SO FUN!!! Hope you have a nice week and thanks again for teaching us SO much!" Tiffany Timar :) 

Student's Love it!


"We had a great time as well! I loved the different and creative ways that you had the kids read aloud. A very cool virtual field trip for all of us." Randi Harris, Stoy elementary grade 4

"The kids did have fun, and they certainly did learn about our government.  I know that my class kept their poems to continue to partner read because poetry reading improves reading fluency." Pam Alexander, grade 4 Ellicott School  

"I think that your poetry is creative and extremely beneficial as a learning tool to supplement visual aids and technical texts on civics which tend to be challenging to 4th graders." Janessa Ramos, Fairview high, grade 4

School Program link

 Click here to request a program: If you are not a member of, it's FREE! Sign up and search Brad Tassell Presidential Poems  Promotional piece for the amazing school program Could You Be President? Using Brad Tassell's partner reading poetry book. All classes will love this interactive program. The cost is very low and the materials are free. goto: and take a look. This program costs $125.00 and all materials are included. 

Presidential Poems Promo

Here Ye, Here Ye, the founding father shall now speak!  

Presidential Poems Kindle and Paperback