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Halloween Spooky Poems for two voices


The Book

 These fun and spooky Halloween poems are written for ages 6 - 12. Each of the poems is color coded to guide students which part to read. This is the perfect out-loud reading activity for any classroom or parent to do with their kids this time of year. The poems will make them laugh, giggle, and get a little creepy feeling.   

School Programs

Reading out loud is a fundamental skill, and if it can be hilarious fun at the same time. Literacy will never be the same. This program used very engaging and active reading games for the whole class to love and if for any level of reader. 


Ready to request a program? go to: and register if you are not. It is free! Then search Brad Tassell and select the Halloween spooky poems program.

If you have any questions or problems please contact me immediately or call me on my cell: 812-660-0191. This is truly one of the greatest hours you students will spend all year! 

Program description

When reading is fun, everybody can't wait to do it. With these silly and spooky Halloween poems any class can have a ball reading together. The poems are written in two voices, meaning that one person reads the blue lines, one reads the red lines, and the purple lines are read together. Spend a half hour with award winning author and comedian Brad Tassell as we read the poems together. We then pair up and read them again in twos while the teacher and Brad facilitate. A 

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Halloween Program Promo

What am I looking at? 

Friday Zone PBS

Brad joins the gang on PBS's hit kids show Friday Zone to do some Halloween Spooky Poems