Ultimate Halloween Party Tracks

1. The House


A creepy start to the best Halloween trip of your life! Come inside! video here

2. Parts For Frankenstein


Join the Dr. and Igor as they put together a little project they've had in mind.

3.Vampire's Ball


Drac learns to move on from the Mash to a real Ball.

4. Hiding From Ghosts


Where do you go where the ghosts won't see? You'll find out in a song that will have you going back to listen again and again.

5. Halloween


It's the best night of the year! So, here's a song about it!

6. Werewolves Lament


The most beautiful lament from a doomed soul. 

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7. Zombie Pie


It's a little known fact that when the dead are hungry they actually eat Zombies. Which you learn in this Reggae classic 

8. Witch In My Town


What do you do when a witch comes to your town and turns you into every animal she can think? You sing a hilarious song about it and maybe something helpful will turn up.

9. Candy Crazy


It's the rock and roll tune about the thing you want the most. 

The House Awaits

Who dares? You do!

A Witch in My Town

What happens when a witch moves in? Well, you gotta find out!