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Vampire's Ball: Ultimate Halloween Party

My daughter came home from the Halloween dance last year and said, "They played 3 total Halloween songs." I was incensed, so with Steve Goodie, I wrote 9 new classic Halloween songs. Scroll down and see them all. Watch the videos. Download the album. Find them on all your favorite platforms. Make your Halloween party the one everybody loves! BIG NEWS! We are headed to Evansville for a show on Halloween! Go to our facebook page for info.

We're Bringing the Show! Learn the Songs by Heart!


Edinburgh Fringe Fest!

Vampire's Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party LIVE! August 7, 8, 10-15

theSpace@Surgeons Hall! Theater 2. Ticket Available NOW!

Courthouse Players Theater Shows!

October 1-9, dark on Wednesday, The Courthouse Players theater 301 S. Main st. #320 Hartford, KY 42347  Reservations taken!

VEGAS FOR Halloween!!

October 17-31 We are in Vegas! Tickle Me Club at the  

Eclipse Theater

814 S 3rd Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101


"With song titles like Parts For Frankenstein, Hiding From Ghosts, Zombie Pie and Candy Crazy, these songs are all fun, creepy and will make your party a hit!  The songs are family friendly, and are equally loved by children and adults alike."  Westman Reviews. "

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Ultimate Halloween Party Tracks 9 new classic spooky songs

1. The House

The house where no one ever knocks from Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party

A creepy start to the best Halloween trip of your life! Come inside! video here.

2. Parts For Frankenstein

eyes and nose for Frankenstein  song Parts for Frankenstein Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party

Join the Dr. and Igor as they put together a little project they've had in mind.

3.Vampire's Ball

Dracula singing Vampire's Ball the title song for the Ultimate Halloween Party and no a Monster Mash

The Mash is dead! Long live the Vampire's Ball! Drac sings lead on this rock-a-billy swinger perfect for any time you want something to sink your teeth into. Listen here and scroll down to download.

4. Hiding From Ghosts

Hiding from Ghosts, Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party. It's Chipmonk's but better

Where do you go where the ghosts won't see? You'll find out in a song that will have you going back to listen again and again.

5. Halloween

Steve Goodie song greatest day of the year. Halloween on Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party

It's the best night of the year! So, here's a song about it!

6. Werewolves Lament

Werewolves Lament Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party follows the moon, silver bullets etc.

The most beautiful lament from a doomed soul. 

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7. Zombie Pie

Zombie Pie, Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party and the dead are eating zombies.  fun song

It's a little known fact that when the dead are hungry they actually eat Zombies. Which you learn in this Reggae classic 

8. Witch In My Town

Witch in My town, Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party turned into animals is not always fun.

What do you do when a witch comes to your town and turns you into every animal she can think? You sing a hilarious song about it and maybe something helpful will turn up.

9. Candy Crazy

Halloween and we are all Candy Crazy. Ultimate Halloween Party and trick or treat is never the same.

It's the rock and roll tune about the thing you want the most. 

The Friday Zone Parts For Frankenstein go to 10:06

We had a ball taping for PBSkids, The Friday Zone. It's a joyous Parts for Frankenstein, and keep watching and we do a wonderful dance filled version of Vampire's Ball

Here is Vampire's Ball! go to 20:45

A wonderful dance filled Vampire's Ball with the hosts and kids of PBSkids The Friday Zone. 

Vampire's Ball the Title Single!

Great for schools and for anyone who loves wonderful Vampire Rock-a-billy.

Werewolves Lament

The pathos of the werewolf wil stay with you forever.

The House Awaits

Who dares? You do!

A Witch in My Town

What happens when a witch moves in? Well, you gotta find out!

Parts For Frankenstein

When the Dr. and Igor go out there's always something to dig up, and bring back to life.

Brad Tassell  Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party WGN radio 720AM Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder

WGN Radio interview

Just did an interview on the BIG ONE WGN radio with Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder. Click for a link to the interview and enjoy!